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Town: _____________________________________________

State-Zip: _________________________________________

Birthdate: _________________________________________

In consideration of this entry acceptance, I hearby waive all claims and damages that I may have against Ocean County Preserved Lands Trust and the crazy race director. I know that off road-trail running is a potentially hazardous activity. By signing my name below I hearby certify that I have read the terms and conditions of this release and do intend to be legally bound thereof.


Date: --------------------      ____ 50k____10k___20k

Send this entry and make all checks out to:

       "The Rat Race"

         514 Prospect Avenue

         Neptune, NJ  07753

Entry Fee:  $50 - 50K 

                $23 - 20K,10k by March 10TH '19 

                  $30 thereafter and day of



Scary Rat

5K/5-Mile Challenge


On-Line Registration for the 5K/ 5 mile


T - Shirt size   __________

Or send this in with check or $

$25 by September 20th 2018

​$30 thereafter and day of (and                   maybe no t-shirt)

T -SHIRT SIZE ___________

Corner of Fisher Blvd. and Hooper Avenue

           (in frount of Apache CrossFit)

Entry Fee:   $25 by June 10th 2018

                  $30 thereafter and day of

                         (and maybe no hat)



Sub Type ________

McCanns at the Spring Meadow Golf        Course - Howell, New Jersey